The Top Banana

Through the story of what is happening to the Cavendish banana - the one we eat in the West – this film is about the challenge of establishing a sustainable agricultural system which will feed the world. The Cavendish is under threat from the black sigatoka fungus. Only massive spraying keeps it at bay, but the cost of this for the environment and the health of those who work in the banana plantations is high. The search for a solution which bridges the gap between technology and organic is hard. So this is a story about more than just the threat to a sweet treat, it’s about industrialised agriculture, labour abuses, lost genetic diversity, food security, GM foods, deforestation, trade and more. But its not a glum film because it is being made by one of the most imaginative and creative directors around – the UK based American director Emily James, who uses humour, animation, music and every other trick in the book to tackle big subjects.  

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Emily James
Executive Producer: 
Christopher Hird
Rachel Seifert
Production company: 
Dartmouth Films