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Rachel has worked on a variety of observational, investigative, and social documentaries for BBC, Channel 4, PBS, and Al Jazeera. Among her screen credits is the award-winning feature documentary 'Who Am I? The Found Children of Argentina'.

The film traces the personal stories of several children whose parents were brutally murdered, and themselves were kidnapped during Argentina's 'Dirty War' of 1976-83. Being taken from their parents at an early age, they are now, as young adults, only just finding out their real identities and getting to know who they are. The film is set against the background of the democratic government of Nestor Kirchner and the military trials that are finally bringing the perpetrators to justice.

For Dartmouth Films, Rachel has directed 'The Kids Britain Doesn't Want' (Dispatches) and the feature-length documentary 'Cocaine Unwrapped'.