The Queen's Suite

The year is 1959, and the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II meets the famous American jazz musician Duke Ellington. Inspired by the meeting, Ellington creates a gift for the young queen, a new composition entitled “The Queen’s Suite”.   More than fifty years later, Peter Edwards, one of Britain's most promising jazz musicians arrangers has a dream:  to perform Duke Ellington’s Queen’s Suite to the Queen at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. The documentary follows Peter as he scores the music, puts together his band, rehearses them and negotiates with Buckingham Palace.  The film provides a unique and intimate insight into the background and career of an exceptional musician. The film is directed by Corine Dhondee and is part of the Dartmouth Talent initiative, in which we support young , new and emerging filmmakers in their work.

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Corine Dhondee
Executive Producer: 
Christopher Hird
Corine Dhondee
Production company: 
Dartmouth Films