The Kids Britain Doesn't Want

Directed by RTS and BAFTA award winner David Modell, The Kids Britain Doesn't Want follows the stories of three young people seeking asylum in here in Britain.

Every year, thousands of children come from all over the world to Britain seeking refuge from persecution, terrorism and war. But many arrive to find this country is not the place of safety that they hoped. Instead they are met by a culture of disbelief and an asylum system that in some cases causes them profound psychological and physical harm

Through the stories of a 10-year-old Iranian boy, a 16-year-old Afghan and a 22-year-old Ugandan woman, This film explores the experiences of young people who have been brutalized by the British asylum system. This is the story of the kids Britain doesn't want.

It was first shown on Channel Four Dispatches on Monday 29th November 2010.

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David Modell
Executive Producer: 
Christopher Hird
Adam Warner
Rachel Seifert
Production company: 
Dartmouth Films