The Greatest Story Ever Sold

A feature-length documentary revealing the nuclear industry's PR campaign to sell atomic energy to the world.
For over 50 years, the nuclear industry has been waging a sophisticated but hidden campaign to sell atomic energy to the public, using all the techniques of advertising and public relations to try to convince society that this is the power source of the future - an efficient, clean, cheap, safe solution to our energy needs. But as a horrified world watches a nuclear catastrophe unfolding in Japan, the question that must be asked is: just how true is the story they've been telling us all these years? In this urgent and timely new feature documentary, we reveal the history of a well-managed spin campaign by the nuclear industry, and delve behind the PR to discover the real story of nuclear power in the UK, Europe, US and beyond, asking what the true costs really are and showing that there is another way.

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Vicki Lesley
Executive Producer: 
Christopher Hird