The Flaw

International award winning director David Sington tells the story of the credit bubble which caused the financial crisis and brought suffering to millions.  Forsaking easy explanations of greedy bankers and incompetent regulators, this film goes to the roots of the forces which caused America and the UK to be gripped by the crazy belief that everyone could be rich and property prices would rise for ever.  With a cast of bankers, borrowers, brokers and some of the best economic brains in the world, the film tells a gripping story of delusion, deceit and destruction. 

Previous screenings include:

Sheffield International Documentary Festival, UK 

The Sundance Film Festival, USA

Curzon Soho, London UK

More4, True Stories

The Flaw is now available online, as a download-to-rent or download-to-own via this link

The DVD and download (US only) can be bought here


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David Sington
Executive Producer: 
Christopher Hird
Executive Producer: 
Luke Johnson
Executive Producer: 
Stephen Lambert
Production company: 
Studio Lambert
in association with Dartmouth Films