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Through the story of what is happening to the Cavendish banana - the one we eat in the West – this film is about the challenge of establishing a sustainable agricultural system which will feed the world.
Chloe Ruthven's documentary explores the impact of foreign aid on Palestinians, asking whether the West’s concept of altruism is merely another form of occupation.
The Cause of Progress tells the story of the lives of three Cambodians caught up in the country’s chaotic and violent economic progress.
The Spirit Level film explores how far inequality has impacted the developed world, and asks to what extent does it affect social outcomes?
Hamlet in Love is the story of six extraordinary actors tackling the world’s most famous play for their first ever theatre tour.
A feature-length documentary revealing the nuclear industry's 50 year PR campaign to sell atomic energy to the world.
A feature-length documentary on Indian cotton farmer suicides, pesticides and fashion. When you bag a bargain, do you think about who's paid for it?