Fezeka's Voice

Phume Tsewu has dedicated the last twelve years if his life to creating one of South Africa’s most successful choirs – in Fezeka High School, in one of the poorest townships in South Africa. The choir has six weeks to learn a Latin Requiem, which it will perform at one of the world’s leading music festivals. Will Phume’s choir make the grade? Will they get the passports to let the students leave the country? How will they get on – on their first trip outside South Africa – with their middle class hosts in Salisbury, England? This film charts their triumphs and setbacks, provides a unique insight into the modern South Africa and shows the universal power of music to transform lives. The film is almost completed and, when it is, will be used to both raise money for music scholarships for the pupils of Fezeka High School and also to inspire pupils at other schools in South Africa. The film had its cinema premiere at the Curzon Soho in November 2010. To book a screening of the film or to learn more go to www.fezeka.com.

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Holly Lubbock
Executive Producer: 
Christopher Hird
Holly Lubbock
Camera operator: 
Holly Lubbock
JoAnne Fishburn
Katherine Crawley
Production company: 
Ciel Productions